Bouncing back after baby

Now this post is NOT about losing weight! This post is about embracing your body and loving yourself.
I see so many posts about women comparing their bodies to before they had a baby and trust me I have been there.
Someone asked me the other day how much weight I gained during pregnancy and how much I’ve lost so far. You know what I told them, I don’t own a scale and have no idea how much weight I’ve lost (seriously I really don’t own a scale).
I just had a baby and my body was growing that baby for 10 months. So as of now…NO I’m not counting calories and NO I’m not stepping on the scale everyday to see how much I’ve lost.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s hard when you see all your pre pregnancy clothes hanging up and you are wondering when they will fit again. But for now my only worry should be my new baby.
So all you new moms out there or those of you who aren’t new moms, just love yourself and know you will be back to yourself again. We all go through it!
And also DO NOT compare yourself to someone else! That is so hard to do but everyone is different, all bodies are different! Enjoy your new you!
Xo, Danielle


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